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Tales of the Womb: An Morrigan

Tales of the Womb: An Morrigan We all have battles to wage. We all carry swords. Our blood is the blood of the ancient ones. From the first moment the inkling of life has been born, the life long battle begins. We fight. We overcome. We remain. Growing deep inside, fighting our way through theContinue reading “Tales of the Womb: An Morrigan”

We are ravens

We are the children of Odin,His wings and winds,His thought and memory,His prophecy in the shadows. We are the children of Bran,His hopes and fears,His breath and sighs,His heart torn apart by grief. We are the children of Morrigan,Her passions and wrath,Her sight and hearing,Her spirit untamed and free. We are the children of Gwyn,HisContinue reading “We are ravens”

Morrigan’s Lament

Cú Chulainn, Cú Chulainn…Yonder lies he, sleeping after a long way home. Cú Chulainn, Cú Chulainn… His eyes of forest green closed,And the flames dancing in his hair in the dusky light…Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn …Let me touch you.Let me feel the fire within you.Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn…Let me marvel at the flamesDancing in yourContinue reading “Morrigan’s Lament”