Ravens and Hounds

When the night comes, the Fae ride. When the night comes, the hounds howl. When the hounds howl, the night grows darker. When the Hunt reigns the night, the Ravens take flight. Black feathers against pale moonlight, Glowing white against deep blackness: Heralds of the Netherworld, guardians of fates, guides of the abyss. Midwinter changesContinue reading “Ravens and Hounds”

One, two, three…

One, two, three… Ravens are circling above me. Higher, lower, higher again, their feathers purple, black, indigo, silvery-grey. One, two, three… I should have known you’d come. You hair dark as the night – or is it the rain that made it so?.. One, two, three… Out of the mist you step, your cloak billowingContinue reading “One, two, three…”

Beyond the woods

Beyond the woods I will look for you, beyond the woods of memory, pain and regret. Beyond the woods I will search, tirelessly, endlessly, hopelessly. Beyond the woods of doubts, fears and sighs. Beyond the woods I will wander, in the dark, in the mists, in the shadows. Beyond the woods of forgotten tales, songsContinue reading “Beyond the woods”

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