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Vargsangen/ Hodr

Vargen ylar i nattens skog(The wolf is howling in the forest of the night)Han vill men kan inte sova(He wants to, but cannot sleep)Hungern river i hans varga buk(The hunger tears his wolven stomach)Och det är kallt i hans stova(And it’s cold in his burrow) Du varg du varg, kom inte hit(Wolf, wolf, don’t youContinue reading “Vargsangen/ Hodr”

Five kings/ Wedding song

From the depth I call,αγάπη μου,My love everlasting,η φωνή μου. With laurel wreathI shall crown you,αγάπη μου,With veil of time. From the timeless I callαγάπη μου,By the deepest watersI wait. From the heathered hillsI call nighean donn,My song. With flowers of goldI shall crown you,Mo ghràdh,My all. From the evergreenI call you,By the woodlandsIContinue reading “Five kings/ Wedding song”

I will ride out

This night I will ride out again,Starlight and moonbeams,Tall grass and crystal dew. I will ride out againWith the one who keeps meBy my side. I will ride out againwith him of the thousand faces,the king of summer stars. I will ride out againto where the rainbow shinesin the velvet skies. I will ride outContinue reading “I will ride out”

There, beyond

There,between the worldsBifrost shines.There, beyond the mistsLies the way. There, among the stonesThorn climbs,There, out in the coldRose blooms. There, by the streamTime stops,There, by stormy seasHe calls. There,beyond the woodsLies home.There, by ice and snowHe waits. To the heathered hillsSoul flies,To the Northern windsHeart bears. To the Lord of Hunt –My oath,To the kingContinue reading “There, beyond”

Son of the waves

She would steal in before dawn.Night would just settle in.White, as a moonlit falconShe would glide in. Softly would feathers ruffle,Sliding off from her shoulders,Amber and gold,Snow and fire. She would whisper my name.Quietly, quietly,And it would be sweeterThan the mead of the Aesir. Still she would beIn my arms, till dawn,And her tears wouldContinue reading “Son of the waves”

Asgard/ I have seen

I have seen the North.Seaswept, snow covered,Windcolored. I have seen the Rainbow.Wider than any bridge,Road divine. I have heard the Horn.Louder than the bellIt cried out. I have seen the Warden.Fairhaired and brighteyed,He watched the bridge. I have seen the All FatherOneeyed, stormfaced,On a throne of gold. I have seen Asgard,Goldenroofed, strongwalled,Full of light. IContinue reading “Asgard/ I have seen”