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When you descend, you’re down below.
Your paths keep winding and spiralling
Your way lies through the mist, moss and bones
To the Center of the Labyrinth.

When you descend, you’re going strong
Till the ground break open and crack
Like a ripe fruit, full of blood red,
A pomegranate of thousand seeds.

When you descend, the turf turns to moss ,
Only to change to stones,
That remind you of bones
Buried down below, too deep to see.

When you descend, there’s a sudden hush
And a million voices break free
From the ground, from the deep
From the ancient times.

When you descend, you’re no longer there
Up above, but down where the sun is dark,
And the bones, and the stones
Call out your name.

When you descend, you become the Voice
As the flesh succumbs to the call of Death
As the body falls to become the moss
That shall grow and cover the bones and stones.

When you descend, you belong to him,
Lord of Underground, king of midnight stars,
Lord of earth and ash,
Lord of bygone days.

When you descend, you are his alone,
His Persephone, his dark song, his own,
And you’re glad to be, as you feel him call
In the darkest night, in the brightest day.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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