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My lady Sybil is pining away

My lady Sybil is pining away. Her face is all ashen, her fair hair – uncombed. My lady Sybil is pining away. She scarcely sleeps, and she seldom speaks. My lady Sybil is pining away. She spends all her days a-wandering the woods. My lady Sybil is pining away. She’s no longer fairest, My Lord,Continue reading “My lady Sybil is pining away”

Come away

Dance, dance with the trees Let the world watch and listen.Dance, dance with the trees-Let them live, let them sing. Breathe, breathe in the woodland,Live through the tales,That woodland spins,Let them live, let them sing. Praise, praise the Fair folk,Who dwells deep within.Praise, praise the Fair folk,And dance to their tune. Bow, bow to the KingContinue reading “Come away”

Gweddi y coed/ Prayer of the woods

As I enter your woods,My Lord Gwyn,White king of the mists,I ask your forgivenessFor crossing the boundaryUnknowingly. I ask your permissionTo enter your realmAnd leave it unharmed.If it be your will,My Lord Gwyn,Let me cross the boundary. Here I stand, My Lord,On your threshold,Waiting for a signBe kind, My Lord Gwyn,Be mercifulAnd let me pass.Continue reading “Gweddi y coed/ Prayer of the woods”

I’ve lived through many ages

I’ve lived through many ages; I’ve seen men cry, and wail, and crumble. I’ve seen men swear, curse and lie. I’ve seen men lose, gain and take by force. Through the eyes of the Wild woods I watched them struggle. Through the eyes of the white stag I watched them run and hide. Through theContinue reading “I’ve lived through many ages”

Cwn Annwfn

Cŵn Annwn Hear them howl,Hear them bark,See them chase the wind. Cŵn Annwn. Hear them growl,Hear them wail,See them vanish out of sight. Cŵn Annwn Mine they are,Mine alone,They will heed my call. Cŵn Annwn Bright as blaze,Swift as thought,Faery hounds. Cŵn Annwn White as snow,Blood red ears,Always close. Cŵn Annwn Don’t you dareCross theirContinue reading “Cwn Annwfn”

Meet me at the boundary

Shining gods,Glorious dead,Hear my prayer,Meet me at the boundary. Fair as light,Fairest of them all,Immortal ones,Meet me at the boundary. My Lord of the ways,My king of beyond,My master of tides,Meet me at the boundary. Meet me with open arms,Greet me as a father,For you are to meKinder than any father. Greet me on theContinue reading “Meet me at the boundary”