The boundary

Step into my forest, mortal child. Step boldly, for we do not harm wee ones.

Step lightly, o mortal child, for no one but you is welcome here. Step lively, dear child, for Gwyn ap Nudd never tricks the children.

Trust me, mortal child. The forest is safe, for the Fair folk never trap the wee ones.

Trust me, mortal child, for Gwyn ap Nudd ydw i, and I will never let evil close.

Trust me – yet trust not what you see, for this here is the faerie forest, and nothing here is what it seems.

Follow me, mortal child. Follow me into the green – and do not fret. Follow me into the green, mortal child – and trust me, you shall find the way back.

Trust me, follow me – into the green we venture, and nothing can hold us here. Follow me- and I will show you the glistening shores of Annwfn, where the magic dwells…

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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