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At times, he would look at me with his chalcedony eyes, and the world would stop only to spin faster. And I would vanish, disappear, dissolve in this golden-blue haze, that would become greenish, yellow, silvery, sparkling like the finest champagne – but that reverie would end as it began, in throes of endless wonder…andContinue reading “***”


Sleep is the brother of Death:Nothing to fear.Nothing to run from.Sleep is the brother of Death. Children of the Endless,Sons of Night,Almighty, merciful,More powerful than gods. The Night gave us lifeThe Night bore usUnder the endless skies,By moon, stars and sea. Death is the brother of Sleep,Lavender tinted with opium,Valerian-scented honey,Death is the brother ofContinue reading “Hypnos/Thanatos”