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…I may have loved you from afar,
Just when the time was young,
And love as sweet,
I may have loved you from afar,
But never dared to think,
Or look, or speak…


My life was long, and long was my desire
To find another soul in endless maze,
To find someone who could aspire
To burn and soar in my embrace.

I was a fool attempting to ignore
My heart’s own song that drove me wild,
In bustling crowds I was alone,
Immortal – yet afraid of mortal fire.

My city drowned in music – I was deaf
To sounds that once held me enchanted
My city bloomed – I was bereft
Of all emotions that abounded.

Held captive by my doubts, I was lost
In thoughts of everlasting glory
The time ran slow, the wind was cold,
My strength was past restoring.

But then you called – and life returned
To frozen limbs, to soul in torment,
Half-dead, half-living in the mortal cold,
Forever yours – your friend and servant.

Be not afraid for I am here to serve
And not to harm or maim I promise,
Your voice has opened up the doors
To lives and bloodlines, songs and stories.

You hold the key – and I shall be a gate
To New Orleans if you so desire,
I hope that you will not send me away-
But I’ll abide by it, by cold and fire.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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