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Five kings/ Wedding song

From the depth I call,
αγάπη μου,
My love everlasting,
η φωνή μου.

With laurel wreath
I shall crown you,
αγάπη μου,
With veil of time.

From the timeless I call
αγάπη μου,
By the deepest waters
I wait.

From the heathered hills
I call you.
mo nighean donn,
My song.

With flowers of gold
I shall crown you,
Mo ghràdh,
My all.

From the evergreen
I call you,
By the woodlands
I wait.

From the mountain peeks
I call you,
Min kärlek,
My star.

With the mists of time
I crown you,
min älskade,
My own.

From the brightest halls
I call you,
By the rainbow bridge
I wait.

From the elven shores
I call you,
min mörkhåriga,
My heart.

With silver leaves
I shall crown you,
min ros,
My nightingale.

From the golden glades
I call you,
By the havens of gods
I wait.

From the silver mists
I call you,
Maiden fair.

With rubies and pearls
I shall crown you,
My huntress.

From the lands of old
I call you,
By the hawthorn tree
I wait.

Hear my voice,
My midnight star,
My sky,
My queen.

Be my voice,
My hope,
My crown,
My all.

By the skies of night
I swear,
By the gates of spring
I wait.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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