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Five kings/ Wedding song

From the depth I call,αγάπη μου,My love everlasting,η φωνή μου. With laurel wreathI shall crown you,αγάπη μου,With veil of time. From the timeless I callαγάπη μου,By the deepest watersI wait. From the heathered hillsI call nighean donn,My song. With flowers of goldI shall crown you,Mo ghràdh,My all. From the evergreenI call you,By the woodlandsIContinue reading “Five kings/ Wedding song”

Call me Freyr

Call me FreyrOf the thousand winds,Call me kingOf the verdant spring,Call me FreyrIf you’re not afraidOf being mineForevermore. Call me FreyrOf the sacred pathsCall me FreyrOf the northern skies,Call me FreyrIf you want to beYoung and brightTill the stars are out. Call me FreyrOf the mead and wine,Call me FreyrOf the runic rhymesCall me FreyrIfContinue reading “Call me Freyr”

I will ride out

This night I will ride out again,Starlight and moonbeams,Tall grass and crystal dew. I will ride out againWith the one who keeps meBy my side. I will ride out againwith him of the thousand faces,the king of summer stars. I will ride out againto where the rainbow shinesin the velvet skies. I will ride outContinue reading “I will ride out”