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The Voice

Among the dead I walk.
I know no paths among the living.
To the dead I give voice.
The living have my silence.
Among the dead I dwell.
I know no sanctuary among the living.
To the dead I listen.
No living soul has my ear.

Deep, deep into the ground I descend.
There, no light can trouble me.
To the deepest places I go –
The shallowness above never troubles me.
Into the darkness I venture,
To the ancestors I flee:
There, no evil can find me.
There, I am at peace.

Among the dead I walk.
Bones, stories and lies.
Among the dead I abide,
Memories and vows.
Among the dead I bloom,
Nettles and vines.
Among the dead I sing,
As I am long gone.

Gone as they once were,
Gone as they are,
Gone as they will be.
Alive for those above,
Alive for those who listen,
Alive for those who care.
Cold as the hottest flame,
Blazing as the coldest ice.

My fire laid out for the cold,
My candles burn for the blind ones,
My lanterns glow for the lost,
My lights gleam for the broken.
I am the Voice of the perished,
I am the Voice of the gone,
I am the Voice of the silence
I am the Voice of the dead.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

One thought on “The Voice

  1. A powerful poem. Seems fitting for Nos Galan Mai. It’s neat to me that you tagged this with both Gwyn ap Nudd an Persephone. I see a connection/parallel between Them as well, despite people more often comparing Persephone and Creiddylad. 🙂

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