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Joy would become sadness,
As the fall approached.
The world would slow down.


Demeter’s young daughter
Would sulk longer,


She would no longer smile,
Her face becoming paler,
And her hair duller.


She would shudder
At the sound of her name
And refuse to wear white.


She would take to the woods
Looking for something,
Wandering farther and farther.


She would look for a path
Or a cleft in the stone,
Or descend lower into the caves.


She would never look back
But carry on going
And call him louder and louder.


And he would listen
In his underworld,
And call in love with her voice


And he would open the gates
And let her in,
To fall in love more.


And she would stay longer
And eat some seeds
Of the ripe pomegranate –

All at once.

And she would no longer answer
To her old name
Or wear white frilly dresses


And her mother would wonder
What on earth happened
To Kore.

Up until

Kore would walk in
Hand in hand
With Hades.


And declare she was
And no.longer. a. child.

Too soon.

Her mother would think.
But she wouldn’t care
Or give a damn.

No longer.

She would be Kore.
But Persephone.
Which is far better.

After all

Who’d like to be called
‘Hey girl’
Her whole life?..

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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