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Mistletoe shimmers
Where once was my heart.
Silver leaves of cold
Freeze my thoughts.
Mistletoe poison
Runs in my blood,
And darkness falls
On my broken chest.

Mistletoe brightens
The gloomiest days,
Bringing joy to the wise,
Crowning the kings.
Mistletoe bleeds
The brightest of hearts,
And spring shall come

Mistletoe makes
The finest arrows and darts,
When it’s malice that
Gives thought to the making.
Mistletoe kisses
The life goodbye
Giving it as an offering
To the grave.

Mistletoe looks
Too harmless to think
It is lethal -like cold
That can kill in a moment.
Mistletoe drops
Its bittersweet tears
On the dimmed glance
Of the innocent Balder.

Mistletoe clings
To my fingers and cloak
As I watch the light
Dying by the oaks.
Mistletoe curses
The one who loved
His brother and liege
Most of all.

Mistletoe blood
Feeds the coldest of hearts
In the realm of Hel
Where no sun shines.
Mistletoe creeps
In my dreams,
And the arrow pierces
My heart at last.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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