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Call me Persephone

Oh, so Hades does scare ya,
That’s what I’ve heard
Through the tangled vines,
Through the rippling waves.
Hades is scary, sure he is,
But nobody messes with me.

Queen of the dead,
Of the thousand ways,
Queen of the spring
And the upside-down,
Queen of the damned
And the Twilight gleam-
Call me Persephone.

Hades may scare ya,
And that I’ve seen
In the eyes of the dying,
In the souls of the gone,
He is the steel, or so I’ve heard,
But nobody messes with me.

Queen of the Blues,
Of the silver thorns,
Queen of the blood,
Of the grit and bone,
Queen of the swords,
And the lingering breath-
Call me Persephone.

Hades does rule in the halls below,
Judging the souls alright,
Down by the river
Of ice cold waves,
He scares them well, or so they say,
But nobody messes with me.

Queen of the bitter,
Of sweetest kiss,
Queen of the spring
That never comes,
Queen of the ones
Who never breathe,
Call me Persephone.

Think you’re tough like Hades, huh?
Think you can handle hardest blows?
Think twice before saying
You’re tougher than steel
To the One who dies every year –
They call me Persephone.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

One thought on “Call me Persephone

  1. The image at the bottom is a visual delight. I adore the dark, bold colours especially the ruby red of the pomegranate that’s reflected in various hues on Persephone’s lips, hair and dress.


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