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Where are those who swore they loved me,
When the storm gathers its clouds and the lightning comes to pierce the past?
Where are those who swore their loyalty for hundreds of times,
When the world leaves me by night, becoming one dark shadow on the wall?
Where are those whom I loved too much to bear?
Where are they, all of them, those gallant knights, those truthful companions?
Gone, long gone, and never coming back,
Gone, long gone, buried in the ashed snow of memories,
Long gone…and never remembering their vows.
And where am I, the one who was loved so much,
Where am I, who loved too much?
Here, still here, lying in the cold grave
Of pain, misery and rejection,
Lost love and disdain, pity and scorn…
Where am I, who was happy once,
Believing the lies?…
Here, still here, haunting the others
To avenge my broken heart.
A corpse bride. Never too much alive,
But ever distant,
Knowing too much not to care,
Seeing too much not to notice,
Hearing to much not to be heard,
Feeling…nothing, inspiring it in the others.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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