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With the rain I come

With the rain I comeFor the dyingAnd the yet unborn. With the rain I comeTo restore and heal,And to make amends. With the rain I comeTo take all the pain,And to soothe the mind. With the rain I comeSwift like summer storm,Cold as winds of night. With the rain I comeSinging out the dead,Singing babesContinue reading “With the rain I come”

Whatever happens…

Whatever happens,For whatever reason,Happens in its turn. Whatever does not come,For whatever reason,Is not meant for you. Whatever leaves,For whatever reason,Leaves for good Whatever comes,For whatever reason,Comes when it’s time. Nothing on earthExists with no purpose,Nothing breathes. Nothing on earthIs of no value –Even dust. Nothing on earthStays hidden for long-Even thoughts. Nothing on earthIsContinue reading “Whatever happens…”

Godspouse/Here I am, Lord

Well, here I am, Lord, won’t you listen?Typing away thoughts,Blending feelings,Keeping it all in line.Won’t you listen, Lord,Won’t you lend me a hand? Here I am, Lord, won’t you listen?Won’t you come down from your throne?My heart is aching, Lord,My mind is aflame.Won’t you listen, Lord,Won’t you calm me down? Here I am, Lord, won’tContinue reading “Godspouse/Here I am, Lord”

I am Gwyn

I am Gwyn.Son of Nudd,Beloved of Creiddylad. I am Gwyn.Lord of all wilderness,Lord of the ways. I am Gwyn.Lord of the winds,Master of the Hunt. I am Gwyn.All-seeing,All-knowing. I am Cyledr.Son of Nwython,Wyllt of the woods. I am Cyledr.Cold as ice,Burning as the flame. I am Cyledr.Noble and true,Bold and decisive I am Cyledr.Sword wieldingUnbending.Continue reading “I am Gwyn”

Godspouse/Cadair Idris

Back to Cadair Idris he rides. Weary and gaunt, for long summer drained him, somber and silent, for the battle days are done. Back home he rides – to Teyrnas y ser, to the realm of summer stars, to the ancient stone arch atop the mountain – there will he cross the boundary,there will heContinue reading “Godspouse/Cadair Idris”

Godspouse/ Englynion Gwyn

Hail, Gwyn, bright son of Nudd,King of the thousand winds.To you I sing,Your counsel I seek,Your kindness I needAbove all else. Hear my plea,Mighty Gwyn,Lord of the Fair folk,Master of Stars,King of the darkest forests,Beloved of fair Creiddylad! Bless me, o merciful,Keep me, o benevolent,Guard me, my king.Against evil shield me,To the best way guideContinue reading “Godspouse/ Englynion Gwyn”