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The mists/Nwyfre

Come to me. There are many things hidden in the mists. Whatever you find valuable, whatever you consider lost- everything is here. Come to me. By the quiet waters of Annwfn you swore to be mine. By the golden shores of unending lands I swore to be by your side. Come to me. In theContinue reading “The mists/Nwyfre”

Winter king/ Gwyn’s courtship

Dance, dance through the years,Sing the elven songs,I will be your Winter kingTill the night is long. Weave the sunlight in your hair,Reach out for my hand,Keep my heart: it shall remainYours until the end. Smile to me, forget the painThat once haunted you-I shall always be the sameLove will guide you through. Word, onceContinue reading “Winter king/ Gwyn’s courtship”

Caer Ochren/ Maze of mirrors

Stand here, on the edge of reason, watch reflections dance and die. Broken mirrors of your conscience will reflect both day and night. Night is long, and day is longer, long the patience of Arawn. Be prepared to lose your bearings, be prepared to be let down. Caer Ochren never lets go, maze of mirrorsContinue reading “Caer Ochren/ Maze of mirrors”

Godspouse/ Mother, oh mother

Mother, oh mother, i dreamed of the Hunt. Riders in mist, riders all clad in grey. Mother, oh mother, I dreamed of the Hunt. Riders like shades, riders all flying by. Mother,oh mother, I dreamed of the Hunt. Wind in their hair, wind howling loud. Mother, oh mother, I dreamed of the Hunt. Wind swirlingContinue reading “Godspouse/ Mother, oh mother”

Fear me, tremble/ Erlkoenig

Fear me, tremble,Cower before me,Bow to my every will,Love me, hate me,Follow me closely:I am the elven king. Dance and sing yeThrough summer solstice,Ask and you shall be bless’d.Court and conquerBy fires of autumn,Chase or ye shall be chased. Wander, wander,Walk through my forest,Picking my flowers fair,Wonder, wonder,Dare to step closer,And never go away. LoveContinue reading “Fear me, tremble/ Erlkoenig”

Whatever happens…

Whatever happens,For whatever reason,Happens in its turn. Whatever does not come,For whatever reason,Is not meant for you. Whatever leaves,For whatever reason,Leaves for good Whatever comes,For whatever reason,Comes when it’s time. Nothing on earthExists with no purpose,Nothing breathes. Nothing on earthIs of no value –Even dust. Nothing on earthStays hidden for long-Even thoughts. Nothing on earthIsContinue reading “Whatever happens…”