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You are mine/Godspouse

You are mine.You’ll always will be, wherever you go. You’re mine.You’d do well to remember it. You’re mine.I am your fifty shades, your personal darkness. You’re mine.I am your brightest light, your redemption. You’re mine.I am your chainbreaker, your sword. You’re mine.I am the one who turns the pride to dust. You’re mine.I crush, IContinue reading “You are mine/Godspouse”

I shall claim my own

I shall claim my own.In living or dying,In peace or war,In battle or dance –Mine shall beWho is meant to be. I shall claim my own.Bard or king,Warrior or maiden,Child or druid-Mine shall beWho is meant to be. I shall claim my own.As I have claimedTaliesin and Myrddin,Aneirin and Gwendolleu-For mine is mine,And always willContinue reading “I shall claim my own”

Gwyn’s courtship

I am not riding today,I’m courting.Courting my autumn bride. I am not hunting today,I’m dancing.Dancing till stars look down. I am not fighting today,I’m singing.Singing of love till dusk. I am the son of Nudd, cariad,I am the winter LordI am the northern king, cariad,I am the autumn born. Shining like starlight, cariad,Shining and youngContinue reading “Gwyn’s courtship”

Highland vow/By the fires of Samhain

By the lights of SamhainBy the mists of the OtherworldBy the rainstorms and dustBy oak, ash and thorn I swear to be true. In living and dyingIn joy and sufferingIn despair and hopeIn cold and heat, I shall be by your side. In the lands of the livingIn the realms of the deadIn the greenContinue reading “Highland vow/By the fires of Samhain”