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καληνύχτα/good night

Night song καληνυχτα.Let the day die,Let your mind flow,καληνυχτα. καληνύχταLet the night come,Let your soul fly,καληνύχτα. καληνύχτα.Hear my heart beat,Hear the wind sighκαληνύχτα. Καληνύχτα.See the moon rise,See the worlds meet,καληνύχτα. καληνύχτα.I am with you,I will be there,καληνύχτα. καληνύχτα.Let sleep heal you,Let me guide you.Καληνύχτα. καληνύχτα.Yours forever.Yours for all time.καληνύχτα…


Joy would become sadness,As the fall approached.The world would slow down. Gradually. Demeter’s young daughterWould sulk longer,Changing. Gradually. She would no longer smile,Her face becoming paler,And her hair duller. Gradually. She would shudderAt the sound of her nameAnd refuse to wear white. Gradually. She would take to the woodsLooking for something,Wandering farther and farther. Gradually.Continue reading “Gradually”

Call me Persephone

Oh, so Hades does scare ya,That’s what I’ve heardThrough the tangled vines,Through the rippling waves.Hades is scary, sure he is,But nobody messes with me. Queen of the dead,Of the thousand ways,Queen of the springAnd the upside-down,Queen of the damnedAnd the Twilight gleam-Call me Persephone. Hades may scare ya,And that I’ve seenIn the eyes of theContinue reading “Call me Persephone”