Highland vow/By the fires of Samhain

By the lights of Samhain
By the mists of the Otherworld
By the rainstorms and dust
By oak, ash and thorn

I swear to be true.

In living and dying
In joy and suffering
In despair and hope
In cold and heat,

I shall be by your side.

In the lands of the living
In the realms of the dead
In the green hills of the Fae
In the deep waters of Annwfn

I shall find you.

Blessed Gwyn, be my witness
Blessed Gwyn,be my shield
Blessed Gwyn, be my anchor
Blessed Gwyn, be my light

Where the paths are lost.

By land, sky and wind
By heathered hills
By fire, forests and water,
By thistle and meadowsweet,

I swear to find you.

Wherever you may go
Wherever this life leads you
Wherever death claims you,
Wherever this road may lead,

I shall follow to bring you back.

Shining Gwyn, be my sword
Shining Gwyn, be my protector
Shining Gwyn, be my armour
Shining Gwyn, be my song

In times of war and peace.

Wherever you go I follow
Wherever you lead, I go
For we are bound by the mists
For we are bound by blood and bone,

For we are one- from here to eternity.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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