Call me Gwyn

I have many faces and many names. I have lived so many lives, I walked many roads. I have been a multitude of shapes, I have worn many a guise.

Call me Gwyn.

My eyes have seen so much, my voice has sung many songs. I have told many a tale, I have fought many a war. Many battles I have gone through.

Call me Gwyn.

I have fallen in love with many a maiden, many a heart have I won. I have protected and served many a king, many a knight have I outwitted.

Call me Gwyn.

I have worn many rich cloaks, many a beggar’s coat. I have been a bard, and I have been a king. I have worked many a field and broken many a sword.

Call me Gwyn.

I have healed many a wound, many a great healer have I taught. Many a heart have I saved. I have been where the pain was, and where the dead rule the day.

Call me Gwyn.

This time is my time, and I walk this earth as freely as ever before. Those who are different, those who are misunderstood and mistaken, unsung and unwept, are mine.

Call me Gwyn.

My face may be different, but I speak through my children. My voice may be altered, but my words still echo in the hearts of those who are trying to find their way home.

When you think how to call me, call me Gwyn.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd

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