Here I stand, Lord

Here I stand, Lord, humbled by your presence. Your radiance blinds me, and I cannot look into your face. Your light tears me apart, and yet it heals my wounds.

Here I stand, Lord, hands tied, tongue numb. No speech is good enough,no words can describe what I feel.

Here I stand, Lord, too ordinary, too plain- and yet you are here, and the world spins faster.

Here I stand, Lord, and everything changes in a minute, like it would in a fairy tale, yet it is no fairy tale.

Here I stand, Lord, and nothing is certain except you. I came here to see you, yet I dare not. I came here to take vows – and I dare not, for what good can I do for the Faery king?

Here I stand, Lord, be kind. Be merciful and forgiving for by your will I have come. It was your will that dragged me through fire, water and storms, through brambles and thorns, through forests and lakes.

Here I stand, Lord, and my mind races. I see you, when the light dims, I see you when you wish to be seen. Your eyes pierce the darkness, your smile lights up the sky.

Here I stand, Lord- and that won’t change, for I wouldn’t have made it without you. You have carried me when I stumbled, you gave me strength when I had none.

Here I stand, Lord- and my vows are renewed by coming here, to your golden halls, to your misty paths, your standing stones.

Here I stand, Lord- for you have called. You summoned me and I came, for my voice is yours, as are my words.

Here I stand, Lord- and here I will remain as long as you want me.

Published by aneuringwynn

Tarot master, channeler, awenydd and writer

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